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Update 29.01.2015

There are now believed to be only nine remaining bears
on Cau Trang Farm. In the light on this tragic news we are
asking that Animals Asia be allowed to rescue all the
bears remaining on three farms in Halong Bay.

At the time of writing, there are believed to be
23 remaining bears in Halong City.

More information is available via Animals Asia’s website.

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Dear PRIME MINISTER Nguyễn Tấn Dũng

We believe the bears of Cau Trang Farm in Halong Bay have suffered enough.  Please intervene and allow Animals Asia to rescue them. Then they can start their rehabilitation and live out their years in a sanctuary with all the care they deserve.

Vietnam has made great strides in defeating bear bile farming.  As demand for bear bile dwindles we believe we must all do what we can to help the victims of the trade and ensure the bears suffer no more.

Any subsequent delays could further endanger the lives of these very sick bears.  We urge a swift, humane resolution to this problem.

Thank You.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen,
Animals Asia Vietnam Director

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Help Us Save The Halong Bay Bears

Emaciated, missing limbs, some near blind, others with open wounds, all starving - these are the animal collateral of Vietnam’s cruel bear bile industry.

Help us force the farmer who profited for years from these poor bears to hand them over to Animals Asia for urgent medical care and rehabilitation.

Sign the petition and ask the Vietnamese government to remove the bears from the farm so Animals Asia can give them the care they deserve.

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